Eve with the forbidden fruit. Still from film Tierra de Maria

When Eve listened to the serpent in the garden and gave in to the temptation to go against the wishes of the Father, she broke the relationship of perfect trust and immediately knew that things would never be the same.

There is a documentary from Spain called La tierra de Maria (Mary’s Land) which, at the beginning, depicts the story of the creation, the fall and God’s solution to our severance of our relationship with Him. Take some time to watch and contemplate the profound love God has for us, his wayward children. (so sorry, the English automatic translation is awful! I have transcribed to English here. If you have Netflix watch from minute 4 to minute 16 and the subtitles are good).

Every time I watch, I am brought to tears when God rushes through the garden (at minute 5:28 in the YouTube link, about 9:52 on Netflix) as Eve lifts the fruit to her mouth to take a bite of it’s succulent flesh. He cries out in anguish, “No! My little daughter! No!”

He loves us so much that He knew (in contrast to the rest of creation which only follows its instincts through the natural laws) that He had to give us the freedom to choose whether to trust and follow Him or go our own way apart from Him. In doing so, He was fully knowledgeable that He would have to watch us stumble into snares and pits of despair and even destroy ourselves, His creation, and each other.

But He didn’t want puppets to manipulate, He wanted children with free wills who would run to Him and cuddle in His lap so He could dote on them, and watch them grow as they learned of His vast love by experiencing it through His creation.

When man fell, God the Father already had a plan. He already had a new Eve twinkling in His eye; a woman who would say ‘yes’ and begin the process of bringing the new Adam into the world. This Man-God would bridge the gaping chasm that had been opened between us if we turned to Him and trusted once again in His goodness and mercy. He made a way.

As a mother of 6, I have been granted the joy and pain of sharing, if even just a little, in God’s experience. Our children are so precious. They fill our hearts with overwhelming happiness but they have also cut us to the core. We cannot control them or force them to go the way we know is best for them. They must go out on their own and experience the consequences of their good and bad choices. How excruciatingly painful is the sorrow of watching them make the choices that we know will only end in woe.

We can only pray that our children see in us and in others this love God has for them and we trust that they turn to the Eternal Lover who forever woos them back to His Sacred Heart.

Published by diannespinoza

I am a middle school science teacher, mom of five boys and one girl, wife of one wonderful man since 1991. We live in Forest Grove, Oregon and I teach in Hillsboro at South Meadows Middle School. I am first of all a follower of Jesus, a lover of His Mama and striving to submit myself daily to the Father's Divine Will. Second of all I love my family and seek to serve my husband and children in the best ways possible. Finally, I am an enthusiastic integrator of blended classroom learning, with aspirations to teach my students how to read, write and speak competently about the Science concepts they are learning with an aim to their life-long flourishing.

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