God’s world order vs. man’s

He humbled Himself and became a little child because He loves us!

God’s new world order was made necessary when Adam sinned and the Father put in motion the plans for our redemption. He waited for the “fullness of time” (Gal. 4:4) and the Holy Spirit overshadowed the Virgin as the Father looked on in Love to see the Son begin His life in her womb. What a contrast to what is being planned for us by the evil one and his followers who hate us for having been made by the Father in His image!

In the Old Testament, the story of the tower of Babel parallels what is going on today with the desire of man to be God, rather than realize that he already is the actual image of God. Men want to become the Creator and manipulate the creation to supposedly improve upon it and bring it to it’s highest fulfillment. They wish to climb as high as they can to try to surpass what God made.

The funny thing is that the actual path to improve ourselves lies in stooping low and getting into a position where we must look up: up to the Father. When we do this, we see our true purpose in His loving gaze directed down upon us. If we can humble ourselves, this is when He lifts us up to the highest heights of Heaven so that we can reach down our hands to pull others up with us. The striving must be focused on self denial and sacrifice.

Now, the Deceiver always does the opposite of the Father. He whispers into men’s hearts the discontent that breeds division. He cannot help himself. He tells us that we must strive to climb up and over the backs of others, trample them and force them to choose what we think best: that we must look down on them from above. But, his arrogance works against him, and his confidence grows through the pride of men who blatantly boast of their plans to make the world a better place, exposing his lies to all who would humble themselves to look through the lens of true Love.

Woe to those who let man’s New World Order take over their souls! We must reject the Father of lies and his human order, embracing instead God’s new world order if we are to survive the onslaught , confident that our souls are more important than our bodies (Mt. 10:28).

O Lord, protect us from the vengeance of the evil one and Your just Justice! ~Amen

Published by diannespinoza

I am a middle school science teacher, mom of five boys and one girl, wife of one wonderful man since 1991. We live in Forest Grove, Oregon and I teach in Hillsboro at South Meadows Middle School. I am first of all a follower of Jesus, a lover of His Mama and striving to submit myself daily to the Father's Divine Will. Second of all I love my family and seek to serve my husband and children in the best ways possible. Finally, I am an enthusiastic integrator of blended classroom learning, with aspirations to teach my students how to read, write and speak competently about the Science concepts they are learning with an aim to their life-long flourishing.

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